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Click the Buy Now button to purchase ArchiveMac using the security of Paypal payment processing. Major credit cards accepted or you can use your Paypal account.


License code

After purchasing, it is important to select "Return to vendor" and/or wait until the ArchiveMac receipt page is presented. When this page is displayed, your purchase information has been stored and can be used to register your copy of ArchiveMac.

Your Paypal transaction ID is your license code and appears on the ArchiveMac receipt page as well as within the confirmation email received from Paypal.

To register ArchiveMac, enter your Paypal transaction ID when prompted by ArchiveMac. When the transaction ID is entered in ArchiveMac, your license information is downloaded, linking your copy of the application to your purchase transaction.

If you later go to the File menu and select "About", you should see your copy registered to your name and email address.

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