Backup large files and directories to CD and DVD

About Broad Reach Software

Broad Reach Software develops Mac OS X and iPhone applications including ArchiveMac. Broad Reach Software also provides custom software development services and consulting.

Areas of expertise include SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Web Services, Systems Management, Security and Retail industry applications. Technologies include, Cocoa, Java, JSP, servlets, Javascript/Ajax, XML, Tomcat, Websphere.

Are you involved with a business, have a problem which should be solved by software but you can't find a solution? We're seeking ideas for business oriented Mac or iPhone applications and can work with you to craft a solution.

Please email us at for more information or inquires.

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About the name

The name, Broad Reach, refers to the point of sail where the wind is mostly but not directly behind. To an avid sailor, the name evokes the feeling of a sailboat being pushed rapidly through the waves. A broad reach can be a very fast point of sail, but also relatively relaxed for its speed. Taken as a business name it is meant to inspire being able to propel rapidly without a big fuss and to provide solutions which are simple yet functional to solve important problems.

It can also be interpretted as an inspiration for us to reach beyond our limits to accomplish something great.

To quote a common Irish saying, "May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face"

About ArchiveMac

The idea behind ArchiveMac came about from taking videos of my kids. Precious memories on video, lots of different ways to compress it, but always losing quality. I wanted to save the original digital video files from my camcorder. But how? An 90 minute tape from my camcorder resulting in a 21GB file. Whoa. I thought about storing to a hard drive, but that was too much space taken up to store files I really just wanted for safe keeping, rather than to access all the time.

I looked around trying to find tools to let me store my big 21GB video files and found few if any, and certainly none that were relatively inexpensive. ArchiveMac was born to be able to let me safely archive these giant original video files. I don't have to worry about losing them. I can make multiple copies of the discs to give them family for disaster recovery.

ArchiveMac also works great to backup my ever growing photo collection to optical disc for safe keeping. With modern high mega pixel digital cameras, your hard drive starts filling up quickly with old photos. Every time I unload my camera its multiple gigabytes of pictures. Many times I end up with big directories that don't fit nicely on a disc. ArchiveMac finally deals with splitting up the directories for me.

Hopefully ArchiveMac can be helpful to you too. Drop me a line and let me know if it is. I'm always eager for suggestions as well.


If you'd like to review ArchiveMac, please contact us for a press license.